High Quality Wedding Videography

Jaxvideo uses the highest quality equipment to film your wedding. We shoot with the Canon c300. It’s a $15000 camera and the image it produces is stunning. What separates this camera from so many other great cameras for wedding videography is it’s incredible low light performance. When almost every other videographer would have to use blinding lights during the reception, we are able to film with very little light or non at all. It makes a big difference to you and your guests when you can enjoy the wedding without being blinded all night by the videographer. When shopping around for a videographer for you wedding, finding out what equipment they use is often something that is overlooked. Even dslrs can’t touch the quality of the Canon C300. There probably isn’t another videographer in all of Jacksonville that uses the level of equipment that JAX Video uses. It will make a huge difference in the final product. You and your fiance will appreciate the amazing image you get from JAX Video and you and your guests will never know that they are being recorded the entire night due to the low light ability of our cameras.
Please call us for more info… 904-868-9924 http://jaxvideo.com

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