Choosing Your Videographer

Memories In Motion
Nothing can transport you back to your special day like a good quality video. By beautifully capturing the moving sights and sounds, you can revisit your wedding again and again, and relive all of the special details: the rustle of your wedding gown, the nervous cough of the groom before his vows, the emotion in your father’s voice during his toast. But plan to spend the time and money necessary to do this right. A low-end, poor quality video is a waste of money, while a professional, high quality video is absolutely priceless. A great deal has changed in recent years in wedding videography.  The quality has improved dramatically and the final, edited work is more entertaining than ever.  Professional videographers have the technology, talent and time necessary to produce an excellent quality video, with clear audio; crisp, in-focus visuals; and sharp editing.  

A good videographer will remain inconspicuous and capture wonderful, uninhibited moments of you and your guests.  Often, you won’t even know you’re being recorded.  Your video will have the tears of joy, the laughter, silly “blooper” shots and much more.
Professional videographers will spend anywhere from four to 10 hours with you on your wedding day, and another 35 to 50 hours editing your wedding video, adding graphics and music, and other special effects.  For all of the professional equipment, experience, and time you should expect to budget an amount similar to your photography budget.

The one comment you will hear from brides and grooms after their wedding, is: “It went so FAST!”  A wedding video will transport you back to that special day with outstanding visuals and terrific audio, and even let you catch special moments you would never have seen otherwise.  Ask your videographer about showing photo to video montages, rush editing of wedding day highlights, or “Love Story” videos at your reception.  Or, create your own customized video display.  Music is an important component of these videos.  Discuss whether you or you videographer will handle the music.  Projectors for these shows are recommended and may be available through the videographer.  These upgradeable services are growing in popularity and would add the perfect final touch to your wedding and reception celebration.  Your guests will be entertained by these touching and, sometimes, funny slow motion and still images.
Choosing Your Videographer
Watch a videographer’s sample video closely to ensure that it meets your expectations for techniques and quality.  Such a sample should allow you to appraise the clarity and stability of the picture and , above all, the videographer’s ability to smoothly edit the material together.  This is one of the hallmarks of the experienced professional and an excellent reason to not leave this valuable service in the hands of an amateur.  Another great feature of a professional video is improved audio.  Knowledge of remote microphones and where to position them is key.  Listen for clear quality sound during vows, readings, music, toasts, etc.  Also, ask to see a copy of the videographer’s contract, and make certain you understand all the costs for the videographer’s work and what he or she will provide.

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