Picking your wedding venue

What you need to know, for picking your wedding venue.

Here’s a few Things to Consider

1. How many guests do you want, and are they able and willing to travel?

What is your dream wedding. Do you want something small or blown out. Do you envision it at the beach or in a church. While your wedding is obviously about you it is also about the people you care about, your guests. If your closest friends all have kids, it may be difficult for them to travel. If relatives are old, you must consider that as well when choosing your location. You will never be able to please everyone but it’s important that you make it work for your guests so they will actually attend.

2. Do you want a religious ceremony in a church?

Many people do want a church wedding, but here’s a few things to think about…

It’s important to book the church or ceremony location before you book the reception venue. Some religious venues have specific dos and don’ts so you should look into that before you book.
Ask family members for input on the a religious venue. They may care and may be helpful in finding places that meet your needs.
If you are spiritual but don’t feel the need to have it in a church or religious place consider a nuetral venue like the beach.

Depending on the venue, you may have to do some prep work yourself. Make sure you know what will be done for you and what you will have to do yourself. Usually money talks but sometimes places just won’t accommodate your wishes.

Take care in planning your wedding venues. It is an important decision that may make or break your wedding day. Also dont forget to hire the perfect wedding videographer… Yup that’s right… http://jaxvideo.com JAX Video. Thanks

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