Tips for making your Jacksonville wedding video amazing

1. Have a wedding rehearsal… Wedding rehearsals, uncover problems that would have prevented us from having the best view of the couple during the ceremony. The best way to make certain that your day goes as planned is to have a wedding rehearsal. Hire your jacksonville videographer to come to the rehearsal as well. It may cost a bit extra but it is worth having him see the layout and the plans.

2. Decorations… Sometimes flowers are put in places that make it hard for your wedding videographer to get the best shots. Communicate with your videographer ahead of time to make sure that decorations aren’t a problem for line of sight.

3. No gum… Chewing gum while video is being shot is not flattering. It will be something that may bother you ever time you watch your wedding video.

4. Though most videographers are professional and will dress appropriately, some will not. Make sure ahead of time that your videographer will dress appropriately. Black is the best colors for the videographer to wear. It will draw the least amount of attention.

5. Hire the best videographer in town. Jax Video is happy to provide the most professional and highest quality videography services in Jacksonville and North Florida.

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