URSA Mini Pro: 1080p, Pro Res LT, 24fps

Here’s a little video from my first day using the URSA Mini Pro. It was shot in 1080p, Pro Res LT at 23.98 frames. Everything was ISO 200 or 400. I decided to test out 1080p in Pro Res LT because the bitrate is reasonable and I wanted to see how good it looks before getting into the major storage eating realms of HQ, 4444, and RAW. Shooting at 1080p, in Pro Res LT, at 24fps ate up about 1 gig for every 1.5 minutes of footage.

Threw on a real fast grade in Final Cut X: saturation and exposure.

I wasn’t concerned with trying to maximize dynamic range in shooting or grading. I think people are often too concerned with dynamic range and ultimately the image suffers.
Even though I didn’t try to push it too far Pro Res LT seems to handle color grading well.

I used the Tamron 24-70 2.8 VC and hand held everything but interviews. It’s not a light camera but I was able to comfortably brace it against my chest while hand holding. Also, a stabilized lens is really helpful and I suggest that.

The one thing that was the surprised me the most and I wasn’t at all prepared for was that my Canon 17-55 lens vignettes really badly, so much that I couldn’t use it at all. For whatever reason, the top corners had more vignetting than the bottom corners. It vignetted to about 20mm. Apparently the larger sensor (larger than APS-C) causes this as the Canon crop lenses don’t cover it. I didn’t see anything about this online while looking into the URSA Mini and quite frankly it really caught me off guard. I have the Canon 16-35 2.8 but I think I’ll have to get the 16-35 f4 because I want a stabilized lens and it looks like I’ll need full frame glass to cover the 4.6k sensor.

After my first time out with the camera I’m happy with what I’m seeing. My biggest reason for wanting the URSA Mini Pro was because I just haven’t been happy with the colors when shooting outdoors with the A7s2. And my Canon C100 Mk2 has left me feeling underwhelmed when reviewing the footage. From the first outdoor shoot, the URSA Mini Pro footage has great detail, accurate and vibrant colors, looks great and grades really well.

So far so good.

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